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Your Maternity Photoshoot

Time & Location

Please try to arrive on or as very close to the appointment time as possible to avoid overlapping with other sessions. Should you happen to be running late please contact me as soon as possible on 07703019589.

On arrival please knock on the door and I will come to greet you. The Studio is strictly appointment only so I always keep the door locked.


Please ensure you bring the correct money to pay the balance as I don’t usually carry cash to give change.


Address - Bex Peoples Photography, 8 Broadway, Fleetwood, FY7 7DH



Top Tips for Preparing for your Maternity Photoshoot


Wear Comfortable Clothes That Show Off Your Bump

Comfort is key when it comes taking a good picture. Even if you’re the most photogenic person in the world, wearing clothes you don’t feel good in will read in your pictures. While you do want to be comfortable, it’s also a good move to wear something that shows off your baby bump. I realize this is a hard line to straddle, but you’ll know your maternity photo outfit(s) when you see it.

Stretchy fabrics that conform to your belly are a great option, as are dresses belted just under your bust.


Lines from your undergarments may show up on film, so choose the appropriate underwear when putting your maternity photo outfits together. There are “seamless” panties available and some shape-wear will also help smooth out lines. Also make sure you wear a properly fitting bra that completely covers your bust and doesn’t allow for “spillage.”



Add to your radiance by lathering up with a nice, luxurious lotion about an hour or two before your session. This will minimize any redness or dry skin. It will also keep you more comfortable if you’re dealing with itchy skin — a common side effect of expanding skin! Do skip oily or greasy lotions and opt for super absorbent lotions, instead. Applying an hour or two before your session gives it plenty of time to soak into the skin.


Plan With Me

Have a look through and pick out some of your favourite Maternity Photo's online and wizz them over to me - as much as I have my own style this will help me to see what kind of images you are leaning towards and help me plan the set.

Also, send me your ideas. I love trying something different so be as creative as you like and between us we will create something beautiful. 

Share Your Concerns with Me

I would hate for any expectant mothers who come to me to be nervous - I want it to be a pleasurable experience as it will show through in the images. If you are feeling worried about any aspect of the session please tell. me and we can talk it through and I will be sure to put your mind at ease. 


… one final thing - if you share your images on social media please could you give me the odd tag @BexPeoplesPhotography or Hashtag #BexPeoplesPhotography - As a small company this really goes a long way and helps spread the word of the standard of images I offer to my clients.


Thanks - I look forward to meeting you 


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