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I've Finally Done it!

Moving into my new studio at No. 8 Broadway in my hometown of Fleetwood marks a significant milestone in my seven-year journey in building my photography business from scratch.

*Many, many years ago…..*

I studied Photography alongside Technical Illustration and Graphic Design at B&FC, with dreams of earning a living through capturing perfect moments and transforming them into art. Then……life happened! I took a job to pay the bills, then marriage, a house, one child came along, then another, then a dog. Over time, my photography just faded away into the background whilst I tackled being a wife, mum, worker and all-round family life co-ordinator and problem- solver. I know I’m not on my own in any of that. It’s hard, right?

*The Step Change*

As I was approaching 30, I was beginning to challenge what I wanted out of life. I thought long and hard about how I could get the balance between life at home and being there for my kids but also to feel the utter thrill to get up in the morning and go and do something I loved doing, not something I had to do as a means to an end. So, I went back to my roots and……, of course!!

*Slow & Steady Wins The Race*

I had doubts, so many doubts! I couldn’t quite work out how to transition without putting my finances and family at risk, it just felt reckless. So, I started simple. I started taking some top-up courses on the side to make sure my skills were what they needed to be and did some some small business courses to bolster my chances of success.

*Kitting Myself Out*

You need A LOT of equipment for photography, you could just keep going and I simply couldn’t afford to shell out that much up front into setting up the business. So, I researched and saved up for a new camera, got some small scale lighting rig and back drops and launched my business from the comfort of my living room, whilst continuing my day job may I add. As hard as it was, looking back, I’m really proud of myself. through a 12 month period I was literally working a 7 day week and living of red wine and chinese food - not good really but I did what I had to in order to get the business off the ground.

*That’s a Nice Spot in The Garden*

As the business grew, I knew I needed more space so invested in a studio in the garden which has served me well in acting as a bridge to transition me from living room to full blown studio.

*I’m in*

After a late night scrolling on facebook I stumbled upon an opportunity that was too good to miss. I messaged the owners of the unit and arranged a viewing and I fell in love with the space the minute I walked in. It ticked all the boxes AND it is down the road from my house and the kids school!

With the amazing support of my friends and family (and my new ADHD meds lol) I managed to get it turned around in no time and finally moved in last weekend.

With the new space comes new opportunities - I can now offer wall art and prints to my clients which are all available on Klarna too.

Operating on an appointment-only basis, the studio promises an intimate and personalized experience for every client. Despite the busy schedule, I commit to being present daily—editing meticulously and ready to address any queries or concerns clients may have.

For those seeking to update their family photos or commemorate the anticipation of a new family member, I extend an open invitation to connect with me. Let's embark on a collaborative journey through the lens, weaving stories and crafting timeless memories that will be cherished for generations. Your story, my lens, and the magic of 8 Broadway await.

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