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My First Twin Photoshoot

As I often tell people I LOVE my job – I get to cuddle beautiful Newborns on a regular basis and share time with them and their parents during those precious first days of their lives.

I have become increasingly busy since starting up my business and I am revelling in my ‘firsts’ of everything…. I had my first boy, my first girl, my first with siblings, my first with parents…

It never crossed my mind about getting a twin booking until one day I opened my emails to an enquiry from a lovely American lady called Jena. She wanted to book a Newborn Photoshoot for her Twin Boys that were due later that year.

We agreedd a date, she paid her deposit and there it was MY FIRST TWIN BOOKING.

As always I had the little flutter of excitement when I pencilled the booking in and then came the panic…. ‘I only have one pair of hands!’ I thought to myself.

I am more than confident in soothing a Newborn Baby on a regular photoshoot, but I have never had to settle two. Not only that, they were going to be teeny weeny as they were coming early.

I always ask parents to muck in and assist where necessary, but I am also conscious that they will be tired. I want them to sit back and relax during their Newborn session. I want them to have fond memories of their day at my studio.

I needed a plan, and what does a girl do when they need help…? I called my friend, who also happens to be a Newborn Photographer in Manchester – Abby Turner, of ‘Catch a Little Moment Photography’.

Myself, Abby Turner (Catch a Little Moment Photography) Jack, & Charlie

Just as I was, Abby was excited to get stuck in with the twin boys and we spent ages toing and froing messages / emails/ Pinterest boards on how we were going to run the session on the day.

I love nothing more than getting my creative head on and this really got my mind racing!

I spoke with Jena about what her and Andy wanted out of the shoot and she said she would like it slightly travel themed as this is how they had done their wedding.

Instantly my mind jumped to the suitcases I have been collecting (much to Damion’s annoyance as they are stacked in our hallway).

I visited my lovely supplier, Verity Isabelle, for inspiration on colours and what to dress the boys in and as always she sent me away one happy customer. We decided on soft greys and creams and matching fairisle Sleepy Hats.

It felt like the booking was ages away whenever I checked my diary but then all of a sudden we were juggling dates around and it was upon us in no time at all.

I could hardly sleep the night before I was so excited!

The photoshoot, funnily enough fell on Thanksgiving. Right on time the boys arrived wearing the most adorable turkey printed sleepsuits – and they were tiny! I don’t think I have ever held babies as small.

Their names were Jack and Charlie – perfection doesn’t even come close. No wonder their parents were beaming – they had produced two beautiful baby boys!

We set up as usual and prepared the outfits and props we had decided to use.

Jena and Andy fed one baby each after Abby and I had dressed and swaddled them.

It all ran smoothly and our meticulous planning paid off.

We moved from one prop to another with ease and they were such good boys for us – they hardly cried at all.

What was I stressing about…?

Jena and Andy were a lovely couple and we had a good chat and laugh – it really didn’t feel like work.

We finished up with some pics with of Jack and Charlie with Jena and Andy and then that was it! The shoot was over.

I could hardly wait to get the images edited and onto their album on my website. I knew we had caught some belters and wanted them to see them as soon as possible.

With hindsight I think I could’ve managed by myself and I really had no need to panic but I appreciated having Abby with me to assist and share the FIRST TWIN experience with me – like they say two heads are better than one! (get it…? Two heads – twins!)

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