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What is a Cake Smash?

What is a Cake Smash?

I get asked this question on a regular basis and it amazes me. Perhaps because I am a Baby Photographer and I do so many, when people don’t know what they are I am surprised.

It is a fairly new tradition though, brought over from the US and adopted mainly by the Millennials.

There are two theories from where the tradition originates;

1 In Mexico, where at a babies first birthday a parent would shove the babies face into the cake after blowing out the candles whist everyone cheers ‘Mordida, Mordida, Mordida!’ which means "Bite" in Spanish.

2 From weddings where the fun tradition of the Bride and Groom feed each other cake (or smash it into one another’s faces!) …. Not quite sure how I would’ve felt if Damion did that to me on our wedding day though – I am certain it’s more of an American thing!

Nowadays a Cake Smash is a common affair in the UK.

They get very messy but are so much fun for everyone involved.

So, what does it entail…?

A theme is pre-arranged with the parents and everything is set up to coordinate i.e the cake, backdrop and additional decorations such as balloons. (I supply all of this within the price).

I have done various themes in the past such as Boho, Woodland, Toy Story and I even recently taken a booking for Cookie Monster Smash!

On the day the parents bring their baby along (preferably well rested and HUNGRY!) and we shoot away as they devour as much of the cake as they can.

We get some really fun images and the studio get extremely messy.

After the smash has taken place, I tidy up the aftermath of crumbs and buttercream and then we let the little one / ones have a soak in my miniature roll top bath, where we get some calmer shots.

It all winds up with a very full and sleepy baby with some lovely captures for Mummy and Daddy to treasure… and a ‘Cakeaway’ if there is anything left!

So, are you ready to book your little one in for their cake smash ….?

Click Here to book or call / text me on 07703019589 to discuss options.

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