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When Things Don't Go According to Plan...

As a Newborn Photographer I often fall victim to the unpredictability of babies. We all have a serene image in our heads of how a photoshoot will go but for some this is just not the case, but that’s ok because what would life be without a curve ball being thrown here and there…? When I had my first baby, Spencer, I decided he ‘wasn’t going to change things’ and that ‘he would fit in around us’ rather that the other way around. Boy was I in for a shock; he didn’t sleep when I wanted; he didn’t feed when I expected, and he didn’t sleep until he was about 1 year old! He turned our world upside down, but I wouldn’t change a thing. The truth is - babies come out pre-programmed with little personalities of their own.

A rare moment of Spencer actually sleeping caught on camera!

As much as I plan my Photoshoots with meticulous detail some babies just don’t want to lay how I want, uncurl their finger or even sleep. I have specific moments that spring to mind that both the parents and I found highly amusing, the main one being when the babies decide its’s toilet time! Only last week I had a beautiful family in with their new bundle of Joy – Charlee-Rae.

Charlee-Rae and her explosive photoshoot

The whole shoot had gone off without a hitch and I was just finishing up with a few family shots. Charlee-Rae was in her birthday suit and Mummy and Daddy were smiling nicely for the camera when it happened... little Charlee-Rae let out an almighty trump and with it propelled bright yellow poop all over her parents and the studio floor. I couldn’t contain my laughter and nor could they – it was such a funny moment and one I will always look back and laugh about.

I can’t look at my white Nike’s without smirking at the memory of baby Xander dribbling warm vibrant poop in my hand, down my leg and into my trainers – His lovely parents were mortified but the truth was it really made me laugh and it still does. It’s not all poop stories that stick in my mind. Little baby Bonnie wanted me to work for my money the day she came to my studio. Terri, her beautiful Mamma, assured me she was rarely awake for long periods of time, but she was amazed to see her fight and fight going to sleep for a total of SIX HOURS – the little monkey. She was so beautiful and had big blue eyes – I didn’t mind spending the extra time with her. I treasure every moment I have with my little visitors and things like this just go with the territory.

Beautiful Bonnie

It is all in a day’s work for me and I am prepared for all eventualities in order to get those beautiful shots and save your memories for a lifetime.

If we have some extra laughs along the way I just see it as a bonus 📷



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